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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello Everyone

It has been quite sometime since I have written on my positive affirmation blog. I have been spending time on my website and have not been able to get over here to write.

Well here we go.

More about positive affirmations and how they can truely help you. If you have an open mind and heart.
Let's talk about Faith.

Faith is something you can not see or touch. It is something in all of us. , it is to believe in your heart something good will happen in your life without actually being able to see it.

How many times have you wished for something and never got it ? Well you have to faith that you already have received it and it can be yours. That is Faith. KNOWING deep down you will get it or have it.

I know it may seem hard to do ... but, if you honestly want something bad enough and know you will get it through the eyes of faith. It shall be given to you. Also make sure the thing you want is in align with the universe and not something to harm someone or something.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We are going to start this post off with

Positive affirmations For Prosperity:

Do you want or need more money in your life ?

Try some of these sample affirmations to change the way you currently think about money. Most think that money is evil or we should not want money. Well to be honest Money helps us to help others and enrich our lives as well as other lives. So starting today change your attitude about money.

Here are some affirmations that really work.

"My Income is increasing daily"
"God Multiplies my income"
"God is the source of my income"
" I am very rich well and happy"

Try Just one of those daily by thinking and speaking them outloud when you have privacy.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Ok my story continues.........

Well after spending almost 4 years in Texas and doing pretty well financially. I begin to really do my positive affirmations by speaking them out loud, imaging the good I wanted and writing down everyone one of my desires big and small.

My husband got a great Job offer in Virginia. Virginia happens also to be my hometown where I grew up. All of my family were there at that time. My elderly parents and my siblings. Well needless to say I was excited and happy knowing that I was moving back home.

When I started my affirmations and positive thinking back in Texas it really paid off at that time I was dabbling in learning how to design websites and learning my way around the internet. I taught myself HTML and learned how to make websites.

Once we moved to Virginia and got settled, I began networking on the net and started to create income and it was not just ordinary income it was in the 10's of thousands a month. I still kept up my positive affirmations and all that I dreamt of was starting to come true.

More Later.......

Monday, February 5, 2007

Good Morning

Next Topic I would like to share and discuss is making a picture of the good you want in your life.

Take a poster board (any color any size you like) I always make my bright so it catches my attention.

Divide your board into sections such as (health, wealth and your dreams you want to come to pass)

Cut out pictures of the good you want. Lets say you want to take a trip somewhere special that you have never been before. Find a picture and cut it out and paste it on your board. Keep this board near you where you can look upon it daily and as soon as you subconsious mind can accept it , it will be yours. Always ask GOD for this or something better.

If you combine , your
1. Positive Affirmations
2. Speaking what you want out loud
3. Imaging what you want
4. Writing down your desires
5. Making your board with all your desires

If you do this , sooner or later this or something better will come to pass.

Friday, February 2, 2007

ok now that we have covered speaking your affirmations out loud, writing your desires down on paper. We are going to talk about picturing your desires.

Think about what your biggest wish or desire is. Then start imaging the desire that you want to come true in your head.

For example. A friend of mine wanted a car but, at that time could not afford to buy one. She mentally started to picture herself driving a car , step by step getting into the car and driving it to work, driving it to the store and so on. She did this for a few months and one day her brother called and said he got a new car and asked her if she wanted his old one. She gladly accepted his gift.

When you mentally image the very thing you want , once your subconsious accepts it , it comes to pass.

There have been so many other things I could list that have come to pass from imaging but, it would take all day. Try it and see if it works for you.

I would love to hear your feed back on what kind of results you all have by using these techniques.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

In my last post I spoke of what wonderful things happend in my life by invoking positive affirmations daily. Its so simple to do yet so many of us out there just won't do it.

Okay so aside from thinking and speaking out loud positive affirmations. You can also write down your desires.

Make a list of all your dreams and TRUE desires on a piece of paper. Even if it seems far fetched...write it down anyway. At the end if making your list make sure you always Thank GOD for this or something better. Put your list away and don't share it with anyone.

The act of list making actually clears the way for your good to come to you. BE specific with what your heart truely wants , not what you think you should want or what someone else thinks you should want. Make sure its your true desire.

In the meantime continue with your positive thinking and see changes happening. Go back a year from now and see what has manifested on your list and what has not. You might be surprised what has come true on your list. Remember GOD wants the very best for us. So if something on your list did not come true the way you wanted , its probably was not for your BEST at this time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am going to break this blog into sections, day by day I will try and discuss one aspect of positive affirmations.

First off my story. I was living in California at the time. When I came upon a little bookstore in Carlsbad that sold metaphysical type of items , self help books etc. I picked up a particular book that caught my eye about Positive Affirmations. I bought it and took it home and started reading it. I started using the suggestions in the book about positively affirming daily on what good I wanted to see in my life. At that time I had two small children and my husband was getting out of the Military and needed to find a job.

So daily I began to Affirm that he had the "perfect job with perfect pay" I did this constantly throughout the day. In addition to this affirmation I also wanted us to be able to afford to buy our very first house. I also affirmed that we were living in a "Big beautiful home".

Well shortly thereafter we moved to Texas where he got a really good job with a big company. The salary was low but, the commissions were high. We were able to buy our very first house and if you ever been to Texas you know everything there is big and we got the home of our dreams at that time.

That is when I really knew my positive affirmations and thinking and expecting good things to happen, not only happend but, more than I dreamed of.

If I can make a difference in one person's life by them using some of my techniques I would be very happy. Knowing that person will pass along his or her knowledge on Positive Affirmations and help someone else grow.

That is my ultimate goal is to help everyone succeed and have their dreams come true.

My story goes on... but, will be continue later.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good morning everyone! Hope all is happy and healthy today.

Today's positive affirmations are:

" I Believe in myself, I am living a wonderful and happy and healthy life. Prospering everyday in everyway"

Monday, January 29, 2007

Here are some samples of Positive Affirmations you can use to improve your daily life.

I use this one daily just to improve all aspects of my life.

"Health, Wealth and Happiness are mine now"

You can either say it in your head or speak it out loud. You are basically training your subconsious to think positive instead of negative. If a Negative thought comes into your mind cancel it out with something positive. Try it like i have said before for a few minutes day or even through out the day when your mind is not distracted.

Positive Affirmations

What is it that you wish for ?

Do you want better health ?
Do you want a better Job ?
Do you want to meet the perfect person to share your life with ?
Do you want to travel ?

Whatever your desire is , you can achieve it by following my affirmations on a daily basis.

What do you want to see change in your life

Whatever it is that you want you can have. Wouldn't you rather be positive then negative. It is so easy to be negative but, being positive on a daily basis is work but, if you could just spend 15 minutes a day thinking positive thoughts on whatever your situation is , it can really turn it around. Trust me! I will give more examples in my other post.

If you want private one on one lessons I offer that too. Just email me and we can set up something. Since this is a free site I do charge a small fee for my services.

Need A Miracle

This blog is created for everyone that could use a little positive in their lives. I want to talk about being positive and positive affirmations that really work that can change your life from being mundane to exciting and getting everything you want , which is your GOD given right. The next few days I would like to hear input from anyone that wants to talk about a particular issue in their lives that they want to see turned around.