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Thursday, February 1, 2007

In my last post I spoke of what wonderful things happend in my life by invoking positive affirmations daily. Its so simple to do yet so many of us out there just won't do it.

Okay so aside from thinking and speaking out loud positive affirmations. You can also write down your desires.

Make a list of all your dreams and TRUE desires on a piece of paper. Even if it seems far fetched...write it down anyway. At the end if making your list make sure you always Thank GOD for this or something better. Put your list away and don't share it with anyone.

The act of list making actually clears the way for your good to come to you. BE specific with what your heart truely wants , not what you think you should want or what someone else thinks you should want. Make sure its your true desire.

In the meantime continue with your positive thinking and see changes happening. Go back a year from now and see what has manifested on your list and what has not. You might be surprised what has come true on your list. Remember GOD wants the very best for us. So if something on your list did not come true the way you wanted , its probably was not for your BEST at this time.

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