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Monday, February 5, 2007

Good Morning

Next Topic I would like to share and discuss is making a picture of the good you want in your life.

Take a poster board (any color any size you like) I always make my bright so it catches my attention.

Divide your board into sections such as (health, wealth and your dreams you want to come to pass)

Cut out pictures of the good you want. Lets say you want to take a trip somewhere special that you have never been before. Find a picture and cut it out and paste it on your board. Keep this board near you where you can look upon it daily and as soon as you subconsious mind can accept it , it will be yours. Always ask GOD for this or something better.

If you combine , your
1. Positive Affirmations
2. Speaking what you want out loud
3. Imaging what you want
4. Writing down your desires
5. Making your board with all your desires

If you do this , sooner or later this or something better will come to pass.


pappi said...

any proves?

LadyHawk said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This sage piece of advise reminds me of one of my most favorite working directives -- principle #3 in the list of ancient wisdoms below, "Energy flows where attention goes." In other words, "Gratitude greases the Cosmic Blessing Machine" or "Garbage in, garbage out" -- however you prefer to imagine it:

1. The world is what you think it is.

2. There are no limits.

3. Energy flows where attention goes.

4. Now is the moment of power.

5. To love is to be happy with.

6. All power comes from within.

7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth.