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Friday, February 9, 2007

Ok my story continues.........

Well after spending almost 4 years in Texas and doing pretty well financially. I begin to really do my positive affirmations by speaking them out loud, imaging the good I wanted and writing down everyone one of my desires big and small.

My husband got a great Job offer in Virginia. Virginia happens also to be my hometown where I grew up. All of my family were there at that time. My elderly parents and my siblings. Well needless to say I was excited and happy knowing that I was moving back home.

When I started my affirmations and positive thinking back in Texas it really paid off at that time I was dabbling in learning how to design websites and learning my way around the internet. I taught myself HTML and learned how to make websites.

Once we moved to Virginia and got settled, I began networking on the net and started to create income and it was not just ordinary income it was in the 10's of thousands a month. I still kept up my positive affirmations and all that I dreamt of was starting to come true.

More Later.......

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