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Friday, October 16, 2009


Somethings that happend in life that you might think was an accident or a happen chance is probably not.

Have you ever been thinking of someone ie and old friend and all of a sudden they call you or you run into them somewhere. ?

That is not an accident or coincidence. Things happen for a reason everytime. If you stop and look at back at certain things that you thought was a coincidence may not have been at all, it was meant to be for some reason.

When things in life are truely your highest and meant to be there is no escaping it.

Dwell on the positive and the little things you can see and can not see.

You will be amazed how much it can change your outlook and view on life.

Here is a book that I have read over and over for the past 15 years. It has help me renew my faith. It may help you too. It is a short read.

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regeenah louis said...

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