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Friday, October 23, 2009

You can get results by

combining , your
A. Positive Affirmations
B. Speaking what you want out loud
C. Imaging what you want
D. Writing down your desires
E. Making your board with all your desires

1. Pick an affirmation that relates well to your situation.

2. Speak it out loud is affirming what you desire, do it through out the day or in your head if you do not have privacy.

3. Imaging what you desire constantly.(Kinda like day dreaming)

4. Making a list of all your hearts desires even if they seem lofty or way out there make that list. For example when I go to the grocery store I make a list of the things I need sometimes I end up getting everything on my list and sometimes I end up forgeting something or not getting that item because I felt I did not need it anymore. Making a list of the things you want help for things to manifest.
Make the list , date the list and put it away. Go back to it in a few months and see what has come to pass.

5. Take a poster board and cut out pictures from magazines of things you want. Put that picture board where you can see it daily. Whether it be a new house , better health, a new friend. You can have it all in due time. The key is staying positive and expecting the very best for yourself.

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