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Thursday, February 15, 2007

We are going to start this post off with

Positive affirmations For Prosperity:

Do you want or need more money in your life ?

Try some of these sample affirmations to change the way you currently think about money. Most think that money is evil or we should not want money. Well to be honest Money helps us to help others and enrich our lives as well as other lives. So starting today change your attitude about money.

Here are some affirmations that really work.

"My Income is increasing daily"
"God Multiplies my income"
"God is the source of my income"
" I am very rich well and happy"

Try Just one of those daily by thinking and speaking them outloud when you have privacy.


Janice said...

May I also add:

I learn more and more about money and investment.

I make wise decisions about saving, spending and giving money.

I see myself financially healthy and secure.

I live a life of abundance.

I have more and more of every good thing I need.

God is my source enriching my life and fulfilling my every need

MonkeyLove said...

What about Tithing?

Terri said...

Yes Tithing is a good too! When you give expect to recieve. Your cup with run over!